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Streamlined Tax Amnesty

Penalty free program for overseas US Citizens delinquent on tax returns

In 2014, the IRS expanded the terms of the program that allows overseas US Citizens to file overdue US tax returns.  This program was originally announced in 2012; it allowed delinquent taxpayers living abroad an opportunity to avoid the penalties and fees by coming into compliance.  2014 changes made the already popular program even better - resulting in over 48,000 taxpayers using it.

Most importantly, the program has broadened eligibility criteria and eliminated all penalties related to late filing / late payments.

Additionally, the program may be used for filing amended returns to claim retroactive relief on qualified foreign pension plans eligible for tax deferral.

See Streamlined Procedure FAQ

Streamlined Procedure – IRS Amnesty Program Pricing

3 Tax returns + 6 FBARs   =   NO penalties

Current years are 2021-2023 (Tax Returns) + 2018-2023 FBARs

Even if you have not filed for many years, this program allows you to file just the last three years, greatly reducing the burden involved.

No failure to file or FBAR penalties.

To be eligible for the program It doesn’t matter what your income level is or how long you haven’t filed — this program allows you to start with a clean slate with amnesty from penalties.  The increased scope of this program has opened the door to come into compliance without fear of penalties.

Unlike other firms which price based on income and availability, we provide flat rate pricing to ensure our clients are fully aware of the actual costs of their tax services.

Our Special Package Pricing

We are offering a special package price of $1,500 — saving you 27%

PLEASE NOTE — the package above only consists of preparation & filing of the Tax Returns & FBAR.  There is another Form that is required.  You can prepare it yourself or we can do it for you.

The regular price for Streamlined Procedure services if purchased separately:

3 years of federal tax returns
$ 500 * 3 =
6 years of FBARs
$    75 * 6 =
                $    450
Analysis of situation and applicability for the program

                $    150

Preparation of the IRS Certification by U.S. Person Residing Outside of the U.S. statement for the Streamlined procedure costs
            $     300
Preparation of the IRS Certification by U.S. Person Residing in the U.S. statement for the Streamlined procedure costs
            $     500
Streamlined domestic offshore program (SDOP) analysis
            $     800

If your bank requires proof of US tax compliance, we can also prepare and mail them the U.S. Paid Preparer Certification and Notification.  This service costs $150.